Thursday, May 31, 2012


These characters repeat 3 times. The first time through the set; I freely created weird little forms and most energy was spent in the attempt to make the next form different than the last. The second time through the set; in trying to mimic the first set, I needed much more patience to accurately reproduce the first set's forms. The third time through the set; I tried to translate each form by quickly glancing at each one for a split second.
The process is a simple model for different realms art can exist in. The original stroke has feeling and emotion. Anytime this form is reproduced it is now given meaning and has lost the feel of its origin. Beyond reproduction is translation of the form; diluting it and dissecting it carelessly enough to almost never remember "why" or "how" in the first place. Instead a new soulless "why" and "how" are assigned.
Or maybe it's just a picture of some weird shapes and color...


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