Monday, May 21, 2012


Welcome to my latest experiment. A lot of people have these 'One A Day' blogs, and mine probably won't contain any exceptions to the basic rule. I will attempt to draw/craft/paint/sculpt/fold/etc something at least once a day and post the result here on this blog.
If you know me, you may already understand that my output is generally low and it is often coupled with very poor followthrough, but putting myself under some pressure always seems to help.
My first piece is that odd picto-anacronym seen up there as the blog title. apple(a) lemon(l) melon(m) orange(o) strawberry(s) tomato(t) naught(zero)
I chose Almost Naught as the title because each piece will come so dangerously close to not being made at all. One object a day will be born out of pure luck under the guise of pure will. Enjoy.

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