Monday, January 28, 2013


So far this year is warming up nicely. I've packed more activities into the past month than all of 2012; or it at least seems that way. I've gone ice skating; out-weirded a couple of real-life twilight zone episodes; attended a production of Shostakovich/ Ravel at the Kimmel Center; saw Joel Hodgson, creator of Mystery Science Theater, in-person at the Trocadero Theater; and even managed to maintain a quiet momentum with my art.
The image below is detail of a work in progress that, I must say, is coming along... gracefully?
I must also note here at the beginning of the year that even though I have strayed from the initial intent of this blog (i.e: publishing some form of art daily) it has served a deeper and perhaps more important purpose. My productivity has none-the-less increased greatly since beginning Almost Naught, and the attempt to "do something" daily began to feel like a cheap and redundant characteristic. The new true spirit of the blog has revealed itself to simply be my creativity and my increasing desire to share it more regularly than in years past. Just stay tuned in and I promise to not let any of us down!

 photo an84_zps4b80bc5b.jpg