Saturday, August 24, 2013


I think I am really going to title this one "Pervert In The Park"
On the right is a lady wearing a large and decorated hat. The pervert is sitting there being gross. I suppose that center line topped with spots is a tree of some sort.
This is another installment in my 'Anomoly' series. They are turning out to be pretty disturbingly funny.

 photo an114d_zpsa1e8f7bd.jpg

 photo an114a_zps1d2758e8.jpg

 photo an114c_zps259d3f98.jpg

 photo an114b_zps56e6e476.jpg

Tuesday, August 20, 2013


Ok, so this is a scene of a car crash; The wheel well and the wheel the easiest forms to make out. The top left quadrant features some bricks that have landed on the hood. The right half bears the first structure struck by the car. There is a hole in the windshield and the driver's head is on the ground.
It's morbid and playful at the same time. I incorporated some other environmental elements around the side walls of the cradled panel to maybe suggest some confusing road signs which may have led to the crash...

 photo an113_zps075553de.jpg

 photo an113a_zps19b91fb9.jpg

Friday, August 16, 2013


These are a couple of drawings I did for some signage at work. Both Spider-Man and the Prismacolor cartoon characters became large dry-mounted cut-outs!
I was a bit impressed that I remembered how to draw Spider-Man at all!

 photo spidey_zpsde43bfd1.jpg

 photo prismacolor_zpsfb2599f1.jpg