Saturday, March 23, 2013


Recently my friend Joe Boruchow invited me to be a part of the Take Turns Project. The project is a blog gallery hosted by Christopher Davison, and the momentum of submissions is governed by the concept of the blog. In short; One artist makes a piece of art and invites another artist to respond to that piece with a piece of their own. The only loose rule is that the art should be done in a brief amount of time.
Here, I responded to Joe's piece in just about an hour. I didn't just see some form in Joe's moire-like circles and squares, i.e. the large circle made of (or dissolving into) smaller circles in the upper portion, but I could also sense an abstracted encounter. Or the precursor to or aftermath of an encounter. My response is a translation of that moment when the action takes place.

Joe's on the right...
 photo an87_zps670a0557.jpg

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