Thursday, August 16, 2012


I finally got around to not only making some art, but also using some strange paper that came into my possession months ago. This paper was given to me by my roommate Dave, who saved it from being thrown away by our old manager at work, who relieved a customer of it. Apparently, the customer brought into the store some other rolled up paper item wrapped inside this paper, and they then wished to dispose of the intriguing outer layer. But what is it? The original line work on the paper consisted only of the large circle shape which encompassed the smaller numbered circles, an odd nose-like feature at the top of the large circle, and on each side... ears? The vertical thick and thin red lines were also present along with the red block numbers down the left edge, and the black number stamp in the top right corner. Was this a pattern sheet for a hat maker? or brain zone-chart for a surgeon? Regardless, I took to it with my weapon of choice for this project; a .05mm red micron pen which almost seamlessly expanded this bizarre find into an even stranger world.


Below is some enlarged detail. Here you can se the "nose" feature right between Pg1 and Pg2.


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